Dear Wisconsin Perspective subscribers and readers,

Effective January 1st, 2015, Wisconsin Perspective will be called Plumbing Perspective. Plumbing Perspective has been another Perspective Media publication we have had for almost 20 years. Like Wisconsin Perspective, Plumbing Perspective is nearly identical to WP and began as a state publication in Florida for many years. In recent years, this magazine expanded into other regions of the southeast such as Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, and more. Over the past year and a half, we have seen expansion grow throughout the entire country.

In addition, for many years we have received requests from professionals in other states to publish a magazine in their state. This would be a difficult task to accomplish. However, most of the editorial we provide is pertinent to most other professionals across the US and valuable to many. Plumbing Perspective is also a bi-monthly magazine with valuable tools, articles, information, and industry news for the plumbing and mechanical industry. Subscribers include, contractors, plumbers, engineers, installers, wholesalers, manufacturer’s representatives, manufacturer’s , inspectors, and all PHC professionals

Therefore, with careful consideration, we determined to open up subscriptions to Plumbing Perspective to all professionals. This proved to be successful with subscriptions growing swiftly by day. This opened up new challenges and a greater amount of resource opportunities and editorial we can provide. In order to grow this magazine and offer more resources and benefits to all professionals, we realized that we could best serve contractors and all professionals by combining Wisconsin Perspective into Plumbing Perspective.

You will still receive the same great quality and value editorial that you have come to know for many years. The only main difference you will notice is simply the name.  And in the future, we will be concentrating on offering greater resources to help all contractors and professionals.

For more information, please check out more about Plumbing Perspective magazine or contact us.

We are grateful to be able to serve you and we thank you all.


Michael Perleberg