UV Resources Adds Prewired Safety Controller to RLM XTREME UV-C System, Improves Operator Protection


The new UL 1995-compliant safety controller puts facilities almost three years ahead of the November 2019 deadline that requires all HVAC access points to automatically de-energize the UV-C system when opened.

Prior to the prewired system, contractors would have to individually install and wire each access point via conduit, increasing labor costs. The new prewired controller offers HVAC contractors a plug-and-play system, which regulates up to six safety interlock switches/access doors, greatly reducing this labor-intensive procedure.

“With its newly-incorporated 24V Contact Controller, the RLM Xtreme is way ahead of the game in meeting upcoming UL 1995 standards,” says Dan Jones, President of UV Resources. “Ensuring operator safety is our priority, and the prewired controller significantly minimizes the chance of accidental UV exposure. Furthermore, the 50 percent labor savings more than pay for the cost of the new controller.”

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