Geberit’s revised Bathe In Style brochure highlights Cable-Operated Bath Waste and Overflows in three easy-to-operate styles. PushControl operates with a simple push, TurnControl operates with one-eighth turn, and the integrated Cascading Tub Filler and Drain is a fast tub filler with virtually no splash. Each design can enhance the beauty and functionality of a bathtub, while providing years of trouble-free service.

The thin, elegant, PushControl BWO has set the standard for bathtub draining by receiving the IF Award  from the International Design Forum. A simple push on the self-adjusting PushControl, which adapts easily to any bath thickness, operates the drain.

The Traditional TurnControl BWO, an industry standard, continues to offer unparalleled simplicity and sleekness. The drain opens and closes with an easy one-eighth turn of the contoured handle.

The metal Cascading Tub Filler and BWO with contoured handle is an integrated system that combines the functionality of filling and draining into one component. It features a fast tub fill – 18 gallons per minute – with almost no splash. It is as effective and trouble free as it is attractive.

Geberit BWOs come in a variety of contemporary colors and finishes and the exclusive and guaranteed Forever Shine™ finish is available on some models.

To learn more about Geberit products please contact your Geberit sales representative, call Geberit Customer Service at 800-566-2100 or visit
Download the Bathe In Style brochureat or call 800-566-2100 to request a copy.

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