Ames Fire & Waterworks Colt Series Backflow Prevention Assemblies


The Colt Series backflow prevention assemblies from Ames Fire & Waterworks are a complete line of 2 ½”- through 10″-diameter double check, double check detector, reduced pressure zone, and reduced pressure zone detector assemblies. The Colt Series valve body and closure sleeve are manufactured from corrosion-resistant 300 Series stainless steel, providing reliability and long service life.

Both compact and lightweight, these backflow assemblies provide reliable flow control and are easily installed, maintained, and serviced. Third-party agency listings and approvals are available for horizontal, vertical, and “N” or “Z” pattern installations.

In addition, these BAA-compliant devices are provided with flanged or grooved-end NRS, OSY, or PIV gate valves or UL Listed/FM-approved slow-close butterfly valves.

Applications include fire protection and potable water distribution systems.

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