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Best Selling Tools For Contractors in 2016

Every contractor loves getting a brand new tool. After all, you rely on tools to install, repair, and service your customers. Every faucet, pipe,...

Top 15 New Tools for contractors in 2016

Contractors are very passionate about the tools they use and the brands they buy. After all, every installation and repair needs one.  Plumbing Perspective reached...

Does your hot water heater protect you from Legionnaires’ disease?

Much has already been said about the safety improvements homeowners and business owners can anticipate by switching from traditional water heaters to tankless models. Usually...

Turn of the 20th Century Luxury Apartment Building Restored to Former Heating Glory

Weil-McLain Atmospheric Draft Steam Boiler Key to Overhaul Built at the turn of the last century in 1901, the seven-story Mendota is Washington D.C.’s oldest...

Simple Marketing Tools That Build Customer Relationships and Grow Sales

Two of the biggest challenges facing plumbing contractors today are how to increase customer calls and how to generate customer loyalty. Given all the...

Plumbing Contractors: Make More Money in Summer!

While many contractors make a lot of money in a 4 month period during the summer, is there a chance you could do even...

Bad News Travels Fast!

A March 2011 study by Colloquy showed that 75% of people will let people know they are unhappy with a product or service, compared...

Lessons For The New Year

So here we are in another new year. I hope you have your seat belt on, figuratively speaking, because we are in for a...

Lessons for contractors to gain more customers

I just finished up a year of traveling for business and have learned several lessons on the road. When I travel by plane, I...







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